Living in the Wilderness Maine Hermit

North Pond was believed to be a myth, but after 27 years after living in the wilderness, the Maine hermit lived In a makeshift camp and was caught red handed and arrested. It seems like the plot of a movie, but this is what happens to Christopher Knight, 47, who had not held a conversation with other people for almost 30 years but, managed to commit thousands of burglaries, his only social contact during 30 decades.

Christopher was arrested in 2013 and some residents have declared they were aware of the North Pond and other residents had never heard about him before. He lived in the woods, inside a tend covered by tarps between the trees. He had propane cooking stoves and a battery run radio with him. He sustained himself by feeding on stolen food from cottages from the Pine Tree Camp where the warden set up a surveillance alarm.

In an interview with NG, he declared that he has always been too shy and human interactions were too complicated for him, so he decided to get into the woods and his family never called the police. His solitude was rigid and he stole only to keep on living, walking through the woods in silent when it was dark.

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