Gender Equality in The Workplace

A lot has been said, lately, regarding the subject of gender equality in the workplace. In fact, gender equality is one of the most important issues of our world today. Even though there has been a notorious development on women’s rights during the last sixty years or so, women still struggle with problems due to the fact of their gender. The thing is that, due to the fact that the law applies the same to every individual despite if they are male or female, it’s sometimes difficult to identify these problems in a workplace.

However, women face issues as less salary for the same position as a man and, less credibility when it comes to a promotion or a deserved increase of benefits within a company. As crazy as it sounds to some people, there are still a lot of behaviors that affect negatively women in every space they may be. Luckily, there is a whole movement of people who encourage social change in order to solve these problems for women in particular and humanity in general.  

Also, it is important to note that these issues do not only affect women. In fact, it is a men”s problem too.  For example, maternity leave should be the same for both genders. 

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